Veronica Saguier | Landscape Design | Projects (Selection)

In Search of Lost Paradise

The unhurried pass of time. The elapse of seasons. The peace of the known. The shelter. The space that gathers. That joins families and friends. The place for intimacy full of colors and scents. The wonder of every day’s landscape. A real and palpable place, with light and shadows, connected to land. A place of planned design that allows random echoing with nature. So the garden becomes the Promised Land: the lost paradise that can be found. The garden designer recreates the paradise, makes it tangible to five senses, in harmony with the site. As an investigator, he or she studies and analyses the garden to learn about which species will best adapt to the climate, soil and surroundings. As an artist he sets what has been studied for contemplation, for good and beauty´s sake.