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Descriptive Memory

The project attempted to generate distinguished circulation and recreation spaces by using different materials in paving. The selection responded to a low budget as well, using Town Halls already available resources as dry stone, riprap and manual labor. In first place, the quick pedestrian circulation was resolved by using articulated paving stone, material of easy arrangement, placing and maintenance that allows circulation of any kind of vehicle. In second place, promenade ways and contemplation spaces were arranged through an internal structure of articulated circulations, resolved with washed and selected rip rap paving. In third place, big volume herbaceous and gramineous flowerbeds of low maintenance were used to separate quick traffic spaces from promenades and visually limit both constructions first aid room and the Town Council, that are located at the square. The existing grove was eminently native, with tipuanas, ceibo trees, jacarandas, lapachos, and chal- chal who were favored, removing species that were not autochthonous. The field had a slight declivity from west to east that was respected so as not to change the trees elevation. The place already had a monument with an esplanade and a different area for playground, built with stones from the river. It was decided to respect these architectural elements as part of the squares history. The general aspect of the playground was improved, setting vegetation to soften the stones and closing the playing area making it independent from the pedestrian way and for better protection of the children.